Friday, October 16, 2009

Return of Cascade

Finally re-photographed and relisted:

Cascade Eternity Bracelet / Handflower

Silvery delicate chains hanging from a fancy accent drape over your hand in this simple eternity bracelet.

The handflower is 4 inches long from wrist to knuckle, 3 inches wide in the middle, attaches on middle finger with a 3 inch ring, and wristchain is adjustable up to 7 inches. Can add more chain to the wrist on request.

This handflower is small and very lightweight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fire in Black Chainmaille Handflower


Fire in Black Chainmaille Handflower

European 6-in-1 weave in black with a fire design. Wristband is One Hour Less Sleep weave of blue and orange in front and copper and purple around the sides. This handflower has a yellow cable-chain ring for your middle finger, and a scroll-design toggle clasp on the wristband.

I made the links for the chainmaille by coiling and cutting 20g. colored copper wire, then wove the chainmaille. The ring chain and toggle clasp are from a craft store. It took me about 14 hours to make this handflower.

There is some antiquing in the scroll design of the toggle clasp.

The handflower is 4 inches from wrist to knuckle, and 2.5 inches wide in the middle. The wristband is 7 inches long, the ring is 4 inches around.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chained Amethyst Handflower

Chained Amethyst Handflower

Purple and silver are my favorite colors so I used silver chains and round amethyst beads with silver wire clover beads in this handflower. So pretty!

The four amethyst beads attached to the clover bead in the center are a little darker than the five around the outside.

The wrist chain is adjustable to 8 inches with a lobster clasp; the handflower stretches over your hand to four inches from your wrist to your knuckle, and will lay over the back of your hand 3.5 inches wide. The ring for the middle finger is 4 inches around.

To wear this handflower, put your middle finger through the chain ring, lay the handflower over the back of your hand, and latch the clasp onto the wrist chain around your wrist at whatever spot fits you best.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Craft Fair was Awesome!


the craft fair was Saturday, setup on Friday; I actually sold some stuff, and made almost three times the booth fee! woot!

here's a comparison with last year.

last year I:
was outside, where there were pretty much no shoppers;
was away from the door, so the shoppers that did pass by to go inside didn't see me;
had very little display stuff and no tablecloth;
shared with a friend with paintings and drawings, who didn't sell anything although everyone who did wander over liked one painting in particular. I think she had them priced too low;
sold a couple small things to friends but made nowhere near the booth fee (or even half the booth fee, which is what I paid)


this year:
I was inside, there was good lighting and lots of people;
had a tablecloth and much better display stuff;
had candy and $1 stretchy bracelets;
had prices on everything;
had my brother with me, who's a licensed jeweler, inspected and cleaned people's rings for free
(several people said "no thanks" or "can't get'em off" or "didn't wear them today", but several people accepted and appreciated it), kept them at the booth for a few minutes to look around, although some just closely watched the cleaning;
the tealights in my display were really fun and popular;
I sat part of the time but stood up to talk to customers, and sometimes walked around the booth and rearranged some things, most times that I was doing that people came to look
I brought a lunch and ate it in the booth, but put it down when customers came by;
had small paper gift bags with "thank you" and some info on them, and tissue paper, to put purchases in - people liked that;
we're not the chatty type so we had plenty of attention to give to customers ;-) and none of my friends came by (sigh)- I can see how it could cause a problem if they did though;
I made about 31/2 times the booth fee (except for cost of the extra display stuff, but that wasn't much) and my brother sold a couple t-shirts


hmmm, could've planned that two-part photo better. also need to find the "wide shot" setting on the camera. but oh well.

the only thing that kinda went wrong is I forgot my camera at home (fortunately I had it at set-up so I still got pics, but I was afraid I'd lost it) and I had so much stuff under my table (lunch, snacks, cleaning stuff, repair stuff, box for display stuff, t-shirts, bags), it was a little disorganized and the one time I thought I needed my calculator I couldn't find it. fortunately my brother did the the math in his head and the customer confirmed it, but I felt a little silly relying on them for it. but it was ok. also my brother wished he'd thought to bring some of his tools to fix prongs and stuff, so we'll remember that next time.

I'm glad I didn't pay for electricity because the only thing I was thinking I'd need it for was extra lighting, and I didn't need that 'cause the place was well lit. however, my brother suggested getting some jewelry-cleaning equipment that would need electricity, so we might eventually do that.

also I accepted one check for a purchase, and haven't been to the bank yet (closed on weekends and probably today), so I hope it's ok.

btw, the lovely business card holder you see there was made by and purchased from KreativeKarryAlls on Etsy. the tablecloths were borrowed from my friend Amy, the earring display is a picture frame with mesh attached, the necklace displays came from a jewelry store that was closing and were a Christmas present from my sister, and the mirrors and tealights came from Hobby Lobby and BigLots. So I guess I spent about... 15 dollars on the display. Oh yeah I also had candy in a bowl which I bought specially for it, so that makes around 20 or so. So maybe I made more like twice the booth fee. But still that means I did awesome! yay.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Online Fashion Business (eHow article)

How to Start a Clothing Business Online - Tips From Project Runway

By Gigi Starr
eHow Contributing Writer

While many people would love to start their own clothing design business, Project Runway Season 6 contestant Louise Black already has done it. In this exclusive interview with eHow, Louise shares her behind-the-scenes views on the online clothing business, along with what it takes to make it work.

This 32-year-old Texas native and Christian Lacroix fan believes that the future of fashion is on the 'Net: "There will always be a place for brick and mortars, but online is definitely the way to go for most. It’s definitely the best way to get your start without losing your shirt," she tells eHow.

read the rest

Friday, October 2, 2009

Facebook /Treasure

one of my handflowers has been included in a treasury!

(hurry and look before it's gone!)

And Facebook just added Latin to the languages!

that is sooo cool. I keep meaning to eventually install the Latin Rosetta Stone in my computer and start using it but I'm always doing other things. It's been kind of a long time since I worked on any Latin. But now Facebook can teach me a little bit, and maybe it'll remind/encourage me to get on with it on Rosetta Stone, too. :-)