Saturday, November 21, 2009

Byzantine Earrings

I've finally started posting my byzantine chainmaille earrings!

Christmasy Byzantine Earrings

Made with 18g enameled copper rings in red and green, single units of byzantine chainmaille about half an inch long and quarter inch thick. Hung on gold-colored base metal ear hooks.

Each earring weighs 0.045 oz.

I started making these earrings after I made the byzantine bracelets. See one of the bracelets here:
Each pair took about half an hour to make.

Like tiny sprigs of holly hung on gold thread, these earrings are perfect piece of jewelry for Christmas time!

Also in solid red with silver:

or solid green with silver:

I have several other pairs listed already, and bunch more left to go!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Newly Listed Chainmaille Bracelet

Black and Silver Chainmaille Bracelet

This E6 chainmaille bracelet has a nice contrast of black with silver running down the middle. Silver rings reinforce the ends on the underside.

Chainmaille is 6.5 inches long with 1 inch of chain + half-inch toggle clasp; 7+3/4 inches altogether. Can be adjusted on request.