Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday already?

woops, I haven't blogged in a week. I've been busy looking for a job, helping my boyfriend move out of his apartment, reading about craft blogging and SEO, and stuff and things and all that. My boyfriend is a gamer and he got me hooked on this one computer game he gave me and I'm stuck right now trying to fight a boss without dying, and on top of that he's now lending me his PS3 with a game while he's moving and told me to play it and see what I think. But this past week I've been mostly working on other stuff. I played the PS3 game for about an hour this week and that's it.

Face to Face

I found out a couple days ago that my Christian rock ministry can no longer play or practice at the church we've been using for the last 7 years, so we have to find other places. So far the other places we have are in Azle, which is a slight problem for me because it's half an hour away (assuming I can find the place), and I have a very old and beat up car and very little gas money. But we'll see how things work out. Right now I'm just sad we have to move but happy that we're not quitting.


I finished the silver handflower and the necklace, I'll put pictures up as soon as I get some taken. Now I'm working on a gold (brass) handflower, and I'm thinking of making a brass and blue-copper ring for myself to hold the place of my lost class ring, since my school colors are (were) blue and gold. but I don't have enough rings or wire for that right now so I'll have to do it later. I do have some 26 gauge blue wire and I wonder if I can try to make some micromaille. I wonder if a toothpick will make the right size rings. and should I use tweezers instead of pliers? hmm probably. this is definitely something to think about trying. I also have 32guage silver wire, I wonder if I can do anything with that. hmmm.

Improved Blogging

As I mentioned I've been reading about writing good blogs, and I'm planning on trying to actually do it. Today is just a quick update though. I was about to post one more of those "points about chainmaille" videos, but I think this post is long enough. Although it would be better with some pictures or something.

ah, here's a really nice photo I took in my backyard:

ok, hopefully next week I will blog about the finished necklace, post the last "points about chainmaille" video, and then start writing better blog posts about handflowers and chainmaille.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Etsy Feature: cksilver

cksilver is a member of CAST and she commented in my post about the
necklace last week, so in appreciation for helping me out, today's post is
about her and her shop.

Cross Cell Phone Lanyard
by cksilver

My name is Cindy, and I love to make jewelry. It is so much fun making new
creations in sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and
swarovski crystal. I love creating my own unique designs or developing a
design of your own choosing. I have all birthstones available either in the stone
itself or in swarovski crystal.

Found at Sea Sterling Silver Necklace
by cksilver

What motivates you:
I am motivated by my customers and learning more about the kinds of things
you love to wear. I also love to find new fun designs of colors and stones that
I can combine for new effects.

Flower Cluster Sterling Silver Earrings
by cksilver

Favorite item in your shop:
I have so many favorites, but here is a matching pair of earrings & bracelet
that is really beautiful:

Left: Pink Cascading Waterfall Sterling Silver Earrings
Right:Pink Cascading Waterfall Bracelet

One favorite Etsy shop:
There are so many fun Etsy shops, but here is a new one I just came across:

Lily the Lilac Butterfly hairclip
by Whitesuggar

Links to your Etsy/blog/facebook and whatever else you want to link to.

Sterling Silver Swirl Ring
by cksilver

Monday, July 19, 2010

Please Excuse

My last post was a feature of my own shop which I had to write in order to submit it to another blog. Hope you enjoy it; I will feature another shop, as promised in previous posts, this week.

Here's another video from lindybeige about chainmaille.

some of this (such as the time it takes) applies to any chainmaille, but the chainmaille that I make is not armor and is not protective.

ShadowCutter Jewelry

ShadowCutter Jewelry is an Etsy shop of handflowers and chainmaille jewelry.

Chainmaille (or chainmail) is a medieval style type of jewelry made from lots of metal links woven together in a pattern. Here are some examples in my shop:

European 8-in-1 chainmaille:

Blue Chainmaille Bracelet

Byzantine Chainmaille:

Silver and Blue Byzantine Bracelet

Handflowers are medieval back-of-the-hand bracelets which are a combination of a bracelet and a ring. They are also called slave bracelets or hath panjas. I make two types:

Chainmaille (European 6-in-1 weave):

Black and Red Chainmaille Handflower

For these I make a triangle of European chainmaille and attach a wristband made of a Persian chainmaille weave called One Hour Less Sleep. Then I add a finger ring of chain.

Chained Beads:

Chained Amethyst Handflower

These are a bit more difficult as I arrange the chains in the pattern that will fit evenly over the hand, and then arrange the beads in a symmetrical pattern and attach the bead pins to the chain. I also usually make the wrists adjustable with chains and lobster clasps, although I prefer toggle clasps.

I wear one of each type of handflower which I made for myself every day. The comments I get about them are what led me to start making and selling more of them. I try to make a different pattern and color combination every time, and keep them unique by not duplicating anything except the smallest and simplest designs such as earrings.

I also have earrings and a few finger rings and watches in my shop, and I'm starting to add some necklaces. I even have a few things designed for guys, which is especially difficult to come up with since the guys I know don't wear jewelry. I like to take requests sometimes, when I'm able to; especially for things I didn't know about before, such as whatever a guy would like, so I can learn what else I can do.

Thanks for looking at my shop! Hope you enjoy my chainmaille!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally working again

I'm pretty much over my cold and I'm making some chainmaille again. It's nice to be back.

I'm making a silver chainmaille handflower with colored copper wire rings. It's about halfway finished now.

that's not the best lighting but silver chainmaille is just SO pretty. Making it makes me happy. Actually just looking at it makes me happy. :-)

After I finish this one I'll make a brass one which looks gold. By the time I'm finished hopefully I can start listing things. I have two fairly new and really pretty blue bracelets I still need to list, but lately I've had to renew some expired things so I haven't gotten to the new things yet. I'm trying to keep my Etsy fees spread out over time, but I wonder if I should list new things before renewing older things.

About the necklace, I was thinking about making a Celtic Visions star, but I'm not sure I can make one small enough. Still seriously considering using the fluer-de-lis. Also I still need to feature some shops on here. I'll get to that soon, I promise. ;-)

And in other news, tomorrow I'm going around with my boyfriend to look at a couple houses, since he's going to buy one soon after moving out of his apartment. That should be fun. And I'm looking for a job lately. That's not so much fun. Most job listings I find are either assistant manager positions which I don't have experience for, or very very extroverted jobs. Like "good with people, outgoing, enthusiastic!". I'm fairly social and I like helping people when I can, but I'm an introvert, which is not those "outgoing" things. Although I have a book of introvert jobs, apparently the only ones actually around are Etsy selling. I wouldn't mind assembling bikes at ToysRUs, but that would probably be a nightmare come Christmas shopping time. Thinking about it though. Oh well, I'm still looking and applying at places. A craft store like Joann's would be lovely, but even though Snagajob says they're hiring, someone I know who works there says they aren't. Well basically I'll just keep looking and applying and making jewelry. I'll have a craft fair in October and it's a good idea to build up some more inventory.

On Sunday some people came over and we all watched Taking Chance. We got it from Netflix after Dennis Prager recommended it on the radio. It's a really lovely movie. We all cried through the whole thing and I totally recommend watching it. Seriously, go watch it. It's an HBO movie.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I need your help

I've had a cold the past few days and have been holding off on working on jewelry to avoid spreading germs through my chainmaille (not sure that would actually be a problem, but just in case). It's a bit of a bummer since I've been looking forward to making silver and gold chainmaille handflowers. Well before I caught a cold I made this necklace:

(pictured with my lovely messy desk)

I feel like it isn't quite finished; I think it needs something in the center of that triangle in the chains. I'm thinking maybe something star-shaped, but not a pentagram/five-point star or a Star of David (unless someone wants to request that). Perhaps a four-p0int star, or a four-point star with another four-point star behind it at a 45-degree angle making an 8-point star. Definitely smaller than the prism drop. I just don't have anything in my supplies that will work so I'm in the market for something. I'm looking for suggestions of what to use and either where to find it (if it's a charm) or how to make it (if it's a chainmaille design). Also I'm planning on making another necklace like this one, so if there's two of these items or two similar variants that will be extra helpful. What do you think?

maybe a fleur-de-lis
or this charm

would you please vote on those ideas or give me a new one?

and hey, if I like and use your idea and you have an Etsy shop I'll feature your shop in my blog. :-) or if several people vote on an idea I'll pick someone to feature.

on another note, I just got into this BNR Treasury: please check it out.

Ok thanks!