Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Handflower or Slave Bracelet?

What's the Difference?

The terms "handflower" and "slave bracelet" are often used interchangeably, although some people know only one or the other. Some people don't know what to call them, and some think of different things when they hear these terms. Other terms are used as well, such as "ring bracelet", "maille bracelet", and "panja" or "hath panja". Although these can all refer to the same thing, I've observed some general differences through Google searches.

Slave Bracelet 1:
Usually a slave bracelet is a combination of a bracelet and ring (therefore also called a "ring bracelet"), attached with one piece of chain or string of beads, or some type of charm or pendant-like thing in the center which lays on the back of the hand. It's called a "slave bracelet" because the ring is "slave" to the bracelet. Usually the bracelet and ring are solid metal pieces such as a cuff bracelet and adjustable finger ring. It's sometimes also called a handflower, because it is worn on the back of the hand. These are from Medieval styles.

Pewter Butterfly Slave Bracelet

Slave Bracelet 2:
Sometimes an item named "slave bracelet" is a single cuff bracelet by itself, which used to be worn by slaves, mostly in Egypt or West Africa. Also it could refer to a bracelet made of coins and worn by Nigerian slavers. This is not related to the ring bracelet in any modern way, except maybe in the relationship between the Nigerian slavers and the gypsy/ belly dancer coin handflower.

African Slave Bracelet

Men's Slave Bracelet

also called a slave bracelet or ring bracelet, but usually designed in a triangular shape made of chainmaille, beads, chains, or knitted or crocheted string. Usually has a chain or string around the finger instead of a solid or adjustable ring. These are also based on Medieval styles, although not always approved by the SCA.

Chainmaille Handflower Bead & Chain Handflower Bead-maille handflower

Maille bracelet:
although handflowers are often made of chainmaille, they can also be made of other things such as chains or bead-work, so not all of them can really be called maille. Also, other types of bracelets can be made of chainmaille. The term could more accurately be used for a regular wrist-only bracelet made of chainmaille.

Chainmaille Bracelet

Panja/ Hath Panja:
The Asian and Indian version of the handflower is like a slave bracelet with the charms and solid rings, but usually with 3 or 5 rings instead of 1. Often used as bridal jewelry. The name is Hindi; I think "hath" means "hand" and "panja" means "five".

Panja Bridal Hath Panja Panja

Other "slave bracelet" use: I want to keep this blog rated G to PG, so I won't be too specific, but some people think of a certain adult practice when they hear of "slave bracelets". I don't know a whole lot about that, but from what I do understand, it doesn't use handflowers so much as handcuffs. Perhaps the relation between the handflower/slave bracelet and the cuff-style slave bracelet (although it's only the name) causes the confusion between the handflower and the handcuffs. Some people who use that practice might wear handflowers as symbols of ownership, but I believe that is not what they were originally designed for and is not the meaning of the bracelets themselves. Most people who make or wear handflowers do not mean it that way.

Harem Bracelet: This name seems to refer to belly dancing, which uses handflowers made with coins and bells. I made two of these once (one for the hand and one for the foot) for someone at my church who does belly dancing for fun and exercise. I haven't found a specific connection between harem bracelets and actual harems, unless people do belly dancing in harems, which I think is it. I think the reason belly dancers wear this style is that gypsies would wear bracelets made of coins as a way to carry money, similar to the Nigerian slavers, and also because of the flashy and jingly effects.

Foot Slave Bracelet
(Harem Bracelet)

Monday, September 13, 2010

9/11 tribute

I'm sorry this is late, I was out on Saturday.

I found this video posted on a friend's Facebook page. I hadn't seen it before. I had to watch it twice because I didn't recognize the area (I'm pretty sure it's New York, but I haven't been there), and it made me cry. In fact it still makes me cry just to remember the video, let alone watch it.

This is one of the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horses.

9/11 Bud Commercial - AIRED ONLY ONCE

I remember that day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Furry Friday

My sister works at the Balcom Agency and they have a Four-Legged Friday every week when they can bring their dogs in. My sister doesn't bring our dog 'cause he would get too excited in the car, but I thought I should do a Furry Friday post. Our dog Rolo recently got a new toy with a squeeker in it, and the spueeky is really exciting for him. In the first week or so he wouldn't let it out of his sight (or his paws):

some of the "newness" has worn off for him now, but he still loves the squeek.

Here's a video of another happy dog with a squeeky toy:

Happy Friday!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts on Medians, Sleep, and oh yeah...

So last night was Face to Face, and it was in Azle which is about half an hour away from my house. In general a half hour isn't a really big deal, and although I don't have air conditioning I did manage to stay cool with various things including Powerade. Also it helped that the weather was a bit rainy/stormy although it didn't actually rain on me. That made it a little cooler. The problem I had was driving home in the dark. I don't know the area, so even with ok headlights and the occasional use of my brights (when there's no cars coming at me), it was a bit difficult since I can't exactly see medians at night. I'm not even sure what happened exactly but I think I had trouble with two different ones. I don't understand why they don't have reflectors or at least neon paint on the edges. I hope I didn't hurt my car... not that you could tell if I did... but we're lucky I didn't have a nasty wreck, and not just by running over the median itself if you know what I mean.

So I guess it's from the stress of that drive home, but even though I was really tired and went to bed around 11:30 or 12, I didn't get to sleep until after 2:30 or so. And then because there was a big storm here at home last night we suddenly had to get up at 7 to clean up the pears that had fallen from the pear tree. So far I've had two cups of coffee... which is no substitute for sleep... but it kinda makes it tolerable...

But yeah, medians are invisible at night. Makes night driving not fun. I'm just really glad it wasn't raining on me.

anyway, I think this turned out well:

Now what I'm wondering is if the style can be considered Victorian. I think maybe it is.
hmm... I also wonder if it'll look better with the keys on the inside of the outer chain, attached at the top corners of the triangle. If I change that I'll have to retake all the photos, but still... that
might work.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday already?

woops, I haven't blogged in a week. I've been busy looking for a job, helping my boyfriend move out of his apartment, reading about craft blogging and SEO, and stuff and things and all that. My boyfriend is a gamer and he got me hooked on this one computer game he gave me and I'm stuck right now trying to fight a boss without dying, and on top of that he's now lending me his PS3 with a game while he's moving and told me to play it and see what I think. But this past week I've been mostly working on other stuff. I played the PS3 game for about an hour this week and that's it.

Face to Face

I found out a couple days ago that my Christian rock ministry can no longer play or practice at the church we've been using for the last 7 years, so we have to find other places. So far the other places we have are in Azle, which is a slight problem for me because it's half an hour away (assuming I can find the place), and I have a very old and beat up car and very little gas money. But we'll see how things work out. Right now I'm just sad we have to move but happy that we're not quitting.


I finished the silver handflower and the necklace, I'll put pictures up as soon as I get some taken. Now I'm working on a gold (brass) handflower, and I'm thinking of making a brass and blue-copper ring for myself to hold the place of my lost class ring, since my school colors are (were) blue and gold. but I don't have enough rings or wire for that right now so I'll have to do it later. I do have some 26 gauge blue wire and I wonder if I can try to make some micromaille. I wonder if a toothpick will make the right size rings. and should I use tweezers instead of pliers? hmm probably. this is definitely something to think about trying. I also have 32guage silver wire, I wonder if I can do anything with that. hmmm.

Improved Blogging

As I mentioned I've been reading about writing good blogs, and I'm planning on trying to actually do it. Today is just a quick update though. I was about to post one more of those "points about chainmaille" videos, but I think this post is long enough. Although it would be better with some pictures or something.

ah, here's a really nice photo I took in my backyard:

ok, hopefully next week I will blog about the finished necklace, post the last "points about chainmaille" video, and then start writing better blog posts about handflowers and chainmaille.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Etsy Feature: cksilver

cksilver is a member of CAST and she commented in my post about the
necklace last week, so in appreciation for helping me out, today's post is
about her and her shop.

Cross Cell Phone Lanyard
by cksilver

My name is Cindy, and I love to make jewelry. It is so much fun making new
creations in sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and
swarovski crystal. I love creating my own unique designs or developing a
design of your own choosing. I have all birthstones available either in the stone
itself or in swarovski crystal.

Found at Sea Sterling Silver Necklace
by cksilver

What motivates you:
I am motivated by my customers and learning more about the kinds of things
you love to wear. I also love to find new fun designs of colors and stones that
I can combine for new effects.

Flower Cluster Sterling Silver Earrings
by cksilver

Favorite item in your shop:
I have so many favorites, but here is a matching pair of earrings & bracelet
that is really beautiful:

Left: Pink Cascading Waterfall Sterling Silver Earrings
Right:Pink Cascading Waterfall Bracelet

One favorite Etsy shop:
There are so many fun Etsy shops, but here is a new one I just came across: http://whitesuggar.etsy.com

Lily the Lilac Butterfly hairclip
by Whitesuggar

Links to your Etsy/blog/facebook and whatever else you want to link to.
Etsy: http://cksilver.etsy.com
Blog: http://cksilver1.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cksilver
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cksilver

Sterling Silver Swirl Ring
by cksilver

Monday, July 19, 2010

Please Excuse

My last post was a feature of my own shop which I had to write in order to submit it to another blog. Hope you enjoy it; I will feature another shop, as promised in previous posts, this week.

Here's another video from lindybeige about chainmaille.

some of this (such as the time it takes) applies to any chainmaille, but the chainmaille that I make is not armor and is not protective.

ShadowCutter Jewelry

ShadowCutter Jewelry is an Etsy shop of handflowers and chainmaille jewelry.

Chainmaille (or chainmail) is a medieval style type of jewelry made from lots of metal links woven together in a pattern. Here are some examples in my shop:

European 8-in-1 chainmaille:

Blue Chainmaille Bracelet

Byzantine Chainmaille:

Silver and Blue Byzantine Bracelet

Handflowers are medieval back-of-the-hand bracelets which are a combination of a bracelet and a ring. They are also called slave bracelets or hath panjas. I make two types:

Chainmaille (European 6-in-1 weave):

Black and Red Chainmaille Handflower

For these I make a triangle of European chainmaille and attach a wristband made of a Persian chainmaille weave called One Hour Less Sleep. Then I add a finger ring of chain.

Chained Beads:

Chained Amethyst Handflower

These are a bit more difficult as I arrange the chains in the pattern that will fit evenly over the hand, and then arrange the beads in a symmetrical pattern and attach the bead pins to the chain. I also usually make the wrists adjustable with chains and lobster clasps, although I prefer toggle clasps.

I wear one of each type of handflower which I made for myself every day. The comments I get about them are what led me to start making and selling more of them. I try to make a different pattern and color combination every time, and keep them unique by not duplicating anything except the smallest and simplest designs such as earrings.

I also have earrings and a few finger rings and watches in my shop, and I'm starting to add some necklaces. I even have a few things designed for guys, which is especially difficult to come up with since the guys I know don't wear jewelry. I like to take requests sometimes, when I'm able to; especially for things I didn't know about before, such as whatever a guy would like, so I can learn what else I can do.

Thanks for looking at my shop! Hope you enjoy my chainmaille!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally working again

I'm pretty much over my cold and I'm making some chainmaille again. It's nice to be back.

I'm making a silver chainmaille handflower with colored copper wire rings. It's about halfway finished now.

that's not the best lighting but silver chainmaille is just SO pretty. Making it makes me happy. Actually just looking at it makes me happy. :-)

After I finish this one I'll make a brass one which looks gold. By the time I'm finished hopefully I can start listing things. I have two fairly new and really pretty blue bracelets I still need to list, but lately I've had to renew some expired things so I haven't gotten to the new things yet. I'm trying to keep my Etsy fees spread out over time, but I wonder if I should list new things before renewing older things.

About the necklace, I was thinking about making a Celtic Visions star, but I'm not sure I can make one small enough. Still seriously considering using the fluer-de-lis. Also I still need to feature some shops on here. I'll get to that soon, I promise. ;-)

And in other news, tomorrow I'm going around with my boyfriend to look at a couple houses, since he's going to buy one soon after moving out of his apartment. That should be fun. And I'm looking for a job lately. That's not so much fun. Most job listings I find are either assistant manager positions which I don't have experience for, or very very extroverted jobs. Like "good with people, outgoing, enthusiastic!". I'm fairly social and I like helping people when I can, but I'm an introvert, which is not those "outgoing" things. Although I have a book of introvert jobs, apparently the only ones actually around are Etsy selling. I wouldn't mind assembling bikes at ToysRUs, but that would probably be a nightmare come Christmas shopping time. Thinking about it though. Oh well, I'm still looking and applying at places. A craft store like Joann's would be lovely, but even though Snagajob says they're hiring, someone I know who works there says they aren't. Well basically I'll just keep looking and applying and making jewelry. I'll have a craft fair in October and it's a good idea to build up some more inventory.

On Sunday some people came over and we all watched Taking Chance. We got it from Netflix after Dennis Prager recommended it on the radio. It's a really lovely movie. We all cried through the whole thing and I totally recommend watching it. Seriously, go watch it. It's an HBO movie.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I need your help

I've had a cold the past few days and have been holding off on working on jewelry to avoid spreading germs through my chainmaille (not sure that would actually be a problem, but just in case). It's a bit of a bummer since I've been looking forward to making silver and gold chainmaille handflowers. Well before I caught a cold I made this necklace:

(pictured with my lovely messy desk)

I feel like it isn't quite finished; I think it needs something in the center of that triangle in the chains. I'm thinking maybe something star-shaped, but not a pentagram/five-point star or a Star of David (unless someone wants to request that). Perhaps a four-p0int star, or a four-point star with another four-point star behind it at a 45-degree angle making an 8-point star. Definitely smaller than the prism drop. I just don't have anything in my supplies that will work so I'm in the market for something. I'm looking for suggestions of what to use and either where to find it (if it's a charm) or how to make it (if it's a chainmaille design). Also I'm planning on making another necklace like this one, so if there's two of these items or two similar variants that will be extra helpful. What do you think?

maybe a fleur-de-lis
or this charm

would you please vote on those ideas or give me a new one?

and hey, if I like and use your idea and you have an Etsy shop I'll feature your shop in my blog. :-) or if several people vote on an idea I'll pick someone to feature.

on another note, I just got into this BNR Treasury: please check it out.

Ok thanks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Claddagh Rings

Even when I don't wear all my jewelry I still wear my class ring (until I lost it two weeks ago) and my sterling silver Claddagh ring. I really like the Claddagh, partly because it's Irish and partly because it's a relationship status ring.

I did a lot of research about the Claddagh after I received one about 9 and half years ago. Since then I haven't been able to find all the info online that I found then, but fortunately I still remember it; so besides what the Wikipedia article says about it, here's a little info about the lovely Irish Claddagh ring.

(I wish my camera would let me get closer)

The Claddagh is made of a heart, a pair of hands, and a crown, symbolizing Love, Friendship, and Fidelity (in Irish, "Grá, dílseacht agus cairdeas", pronounced "graw, dealshocked ahgess cordiss").
A poem to illustrate it:

The hands are there for friendship,
The heart is there for love,
For loyalty throughout the year
The crown is raised above.

As Wiki says, the Claddagh is a Fede ring, or "faith ring"; it's also a relationship status ring. This is one of the bits of info that I remember from years ago but haven't seen in entirety since. Relationship status is determined by how and where you wear your ring:

Right hand, with crown pointed towards your wrist: Single/Friendship
Right hand, with crown pointed towards fingernails: Dating/Courting/"love is being considered"
Left hand, crown towards wrist: Engaged
Left hand, crown towards fingernails: Married/"let love and friendship reign forever"

example of second position:

The third position is the one that I haven't seen mentioned in a long time. Sometimes it just says wearing it on the left hand means "love and friendship forever", and sometimes it actually describes the whole fourth position (crown pointed outwards) meaning married, but still skips the third. I don't know why that is, perhaps because "engaged" is supposed to automatically lead to "married" so they're combined into "married", but I like having all four positions and meanings attached. In fact I think it makes more sense that way since the second position doesn't always lead to the third and fourth, and most people get engaged before they get married. Also maybe I'm a traditionalist... ;-) Especially with Irish traditions. Did I mention I like everything that is Irish?

And my brother and future sister-in-law are going to Ireland for their honeymoon next year. *jealousy jealousy* One of these days I'll have a picture of her lovely engagement ring, designed and made by him, if they ever get around to coming over.

Oh I haven't seen Leap Year yet... should put it on the Netflix list.

Well until next post,

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.
-Irish blessing

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

Hello! Happy Saturday. Time for SBS.

I have a new item in my shop.
Pewter Sword Necklace

A pewter sword charm hangs between metal barrel beads and Mood beads on a black suede lace cord in a slip-knot style necklace/choker.

The Sword is a symbol of authority and chivalry, or courage, or defense and protection; or in Christianity represents Truth or the Sword of the Spirit as part of the Armor of God.

Mood Beads change color according to temperature, and traditionally correspond to moods as follows:

Black = strained, anxious, uneasy, stressed
Green = neutral, calm
Blue = tranquil, serene
Blue-Green = pleased, energetic, loving

The goniochromism stone does not actually change color, but appears to change according to the angle of your view.

I think this necklace is pretty much unisex, but I'm never sure about what guys will or won't wear. Do guys like mood jewelry? Well anyway, this necklace is in my Necklaces section, so if guys do like it I hope they find it. I hope to have a couple more necklaces before too long also, of a different kind.

I hope you all like this sword necklace as much as I do! Please visit my shop and the rest of SBS. See you later!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost Rings

I have three rings that I wear every day. One is a white gold, diamond and amethyst ring, which was a birthday present on my 18th birthday. It's not my birthstone, but purple and silver are my favorite colors. Another ring is my silver Claddah ring, which originally was a Christmas present from my high school teacher, I think when I was in 11th grade. I especially like it because it's an Irish relationship ring. And the third is my class ring, which was a graduation present from my parents (my choice).

A problem I have is that in certain weather my fingers shrink and my rings slip around. I think a lot of people have that problem actually. So about a year and a half ago, I was weeding a garden in January early on a Saturday morning; you'd think that would be a stupid idea in itself, and actually yes it was, but since I'm in Texas we don't want to do gardening in the summer, and sometimes it's actually not too cold even in January. But that day it was cold, so cold in fact that I couldn't feel my hands and didn't feel my Claddagh ring slipping off, and didn't see it disappear. After I realized it was gone I tried to use a borrowed metal detector to find it, but no luck. So I started considering replacing it (although I'd much rather have my original back), and I actually found the exact same ring for really cheap on one website, so I ordered it. I figured if it came fast enough I could pretend it was actually the same ring and I'd never lost it. It never came, and I got no replies to my emails, so I had to use a Paypal dispute to get my money back. Then my brother and sister got me a new Claddagh ring for my birthday.

Last Thursday I was running errands, and it was really hot; I don't have air conditioning in my car so I drive with my windows down; and somewhere among those errands I lost my class ring. Hopefully not out the window. Fortunately I have my name engraved on the inside, and thanks to a custom jewelry order I attempted/worked on a few months ago, I actually have a photo of it, although not a very good one; so I've put my ring up on this site
(my ring here)
And I'm trying out ways to prevent my rings from slipping off in the future, since twice is more than enough. I've tried Ring Snuggies, but I don't like them because they're difficult to put on and take off, and they're uncomfortable. Also they come in a package with different sizes (one of each size), and I need two of one small size and one a little bigger. I googled "how not to lose your ring", but other than Ring Snuggies I didn't find anything except this plastic or silicone ring that goes on in front of your real ring. There wasn't much detail on the webpage about that one, and I don't think it's the type of page people should buy from, but I don't think that type of thing would work anyway, because if my fingers can't hold my rings, how is this plastic thing going to stay on? Maybe it would be smaller than my rings and stretchy, but I can't tell from the webpage. So for now I'm trying clasps attaching my handflower finger-chains to my rings.

Of course this won't work the same way for my class ring on my pointer finger, or any rings on the ring finger if anyone wants that, so I'll have to figure out a slightly different way of doing this for those. Perhaps a small length of chain going from the finger chain to the clasp to the ring. Also I'd like to replace the lobster clasps with some kind of hook clasp, if I can find something. But then also if I have to not wear my handflowers but still can and want to wear my rings I'll need something else. I'll have to work on that.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

I'm writing this a little early because I have several things to take care of today.

This week for Saturday Blog Shoppers I'm featuring my newest listing, the item I've been meaning to list for awhile:

Green and Gunmetal Forest Key Earrings

Single units of byzantine chainmaille in green and gunmetal enameled copper with dangling small metal skeleton key charms.
Both maille colors are metallic; gunmetal is a brownish-gray color similar to bronze. Keys are dark silvertone; earhooks are silvertone.

I actually have three slightly-different pairs of these earrings, you can see them all in the Etsy listing. To save space and time I'll just put the one photo up here right now.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and please visit the other SBS participants!


In other news, I'll be at A-Kon this weekend, starting late tonight, but not as a vendor; and yesterday while running errands I lost my class ring. I'd appreciate any help if possible. Here's info.
I think I'll try to develop some way to attach my rings to the finger-chains of my handflowers. This is the second time I've lost a ring because the weather made my fingers slippery. There doesn't need to be a third time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Magnanimitas Vesci

I love this! Not only is chivalry being kept alive, but so is Lingua Latina!

Chivalry Lives! Arizona Teacher Requires Boys to Have Old-Fashioned Manners in Class

In Cord Ivanyi's Class, Girls Get Doors Held Open for Them, Chairs Pulled Out


Feb. 25, 2010—

When Elise Rierson walks into Latin class, the door is held open for her. When she arrives at her desk, her chair is pulled out for her.

It's not the kind of treatment most 14-year-old freshman expect. But Elise and the rest of her female classmates have gotten used to the chivalrous gestures -- and rather enjoy it.




Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day


“The cost of liberty is less than the cost of repression.” -W.E.B. DuBois

“Although no sculptured marble should rise to their memory, nor engraved stone bear record of their deeds, yet will their remembrance be as lasting as the land they honored.” -Daniel Webster

"We must be prepared to make heroic sacrifices for the cause of peace that we make ungrudgingly for the cause of war. There is no task that is more important or closer to my heart."
Albert Einstein

"The purpose of all war is ultimately peace." ~ Saint Augustine

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." - John F. Kennedy

Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

Hello! Back to Saturday Blog Shoppers after I took a week off.

This week I listed my two newest handflowers. I think they're also my new favorites. I really like the connectors and the whole net-style of the chains, and the beads are so smooth and shiny although they're natural stone.

Chained Turquoise Handflower
genuine turquoise beads

Chained Onyx Handflower
genuine black onyx beads

These are lightweight and adjustable at the wrist. It took awhile to make them; I attached the bead pins directly onto the chains instead of using extra jump rings. I made the turquoise one first, and although after that I had some experience with the design, the onyx one didn't quite work right at first. I got the placement of the chains wrong so the wrist came up in the middle; but I fixed it.

I actually took about ten photos of each handflower in order to show the details of the beads and connectors (especially important for the turquoise, which has different patterns of the blue-green and brown), so since an Etsy listing can only have five photos, I made a photo album on my Facebook page just for the extra photos. Actually I put all ten photos of each handflower in that album.

Don't forget the other SBS Bloggers. ;-)

Thanks for looking, and Happy Saturday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Purposeless Productiveness

Well, it's been an interesting week. Actually it was kind of a blur, and productive but with no ultimate purpose.

All week I was getting things ready for WataugaFest: making price tags, figuring even prices with sales tax included, buying a few supplies... also I made a new bracelet and a necklace. Thursday it was hot; Friday it started getting rainy and the weather things on Yahoo and iGoogle and AccuWeather all said it was going to rain all weekend. So I emailed the WataugaFest people and they told me WataugaFest was canceled. Sadface.

and of course, being the predictably unpredictable weather state that Texas is, it was mostly sunny all weekend without so much as a drop of rain. I'm still trying to find out if they'll reschedule the Fest or just leave it canceled. In the future I need to remember to only do indoor craft fairs.

So I was a little bummed on Saturday. Except for going out with my boyfriend and seeing the movie Date Night, which was really funny. That was a good date. Incidentally we also saw Iron Man 2 with a couple friends yesterday, and that was pretty good.

A couple good things about not having a craft fair is that I didn't have to get up at 5:30AM, and now I get to list my new items on Etsy. Of course things probably would've sold a lot better at the Fest than on Etsy, but still I'd like to freshen up my shop a little with my lovely new items. Right now though I'm trying to redo some photos from a few items already listed, but today Photobucket won't let me finish uploading them. As soon as it's finished I get "connection was reset", and retry and refresh don't help. sigh. maybe tomorrow.

And of course I can still use the things I did last week for the next craft fair I have, which is how I was productive last week. I just kind of feel right now like I wasted my week. Hence the decision to stick to indoor craft fairs, like I told myself I would the last time something got canceled.

And now I'll freshen up this post with some flowers.

here are my sunflowers. It's about time to transplant them outside, just need to find a spot.
here are the strawberries we're attempting to grow in a TopsyTurvy Planter. It's not really working so far. We only get tiny green strawberries which turn into tiny red strawberries that don't seem to be getting bigger.

Here are the lovely flowers that my dad got my mom for Mother's Day.

There was also a woodpecker on our pecan tree but I wasn't able to get a picture of it. And yesterday I saw a blue jay.

Anyway, I hope I can show my new items soon. I like them.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

Hello! It's Saturday again. It's also May, so don't forget to change your calendar. ;-)
For SBS this week I want to show you my Purple Cross chainmaille handflower.

Silver + Purple Cross Chainmaille Handflower

This is actually the second silver/purple cross handflower I've made and the third chainmaille cross one. The first one was a request from a friend, only unfortunately it wasn't as good as this one because my materials were not as good, and because of inexperience I had the cross upside-down and it didn't fit so well. :-] The other one I made was black with a red cross, and I sold that to someone at my church.

Right now the wrist only fits about 6.5 or 7 inches, but I'm going to put a chain on it to make it more adjustable; especially because I'll have it for sale at a craft fair in two weeks (unless it sells on Etsy before the 14th), and it's difficult to get the right size on things unless they're adjustable.

On that note also I will not be participating in SBS on the 15th, and my shop will be in vacation mode from late afternoon on the 14th to late on the 17th or 18th. That way I don't double-sell any OOAK items and I have time to deactivate sold items. After I come back I'll list some new things (unless they all sell at the festival).

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

Hello! It's Saturday. Time for Saturday Blog Shoppers.

I have two handflowers I wear all the time, and I get a lot of comments about them. I seem to get more comments about one than the other, and although I won't exactly copy a handflower especially the ones I wear, I have made a similar one for sale. So here today is the Silvertone Chain Handflower:

Silvertone Chain Handflower

The last comment I got about my handflower was that when the guy first saw it he thought it was a tattoo. :-] I prefer chains to tattoos because they don't hurt and they're not permanent. Also because I just really like chains (and prisms, which are on my handflower). I haven't tried henna but I think it's pretty cool. Of course handflowers are not as intricate as henna, but you can take them off and put them back on whenever you want, which I think is a good thing. ;-)

Thanks for looking! Please check out the other SBS bloggers participating this week.