Friday, September 25, 2009

Craft Fair and advertizing

So I'm getting an ad in a tabletop in a restaurant...

it's expensive for right now. I mean it's not a lot of money for a 3-year ad in a good restaurant, but it's a lot to have to pay off in only 5 months. Still a good deal though, and a good payment plan. And my boyfriend will help. :-)

I also have a repeat customer on Etsy and a custom-order customer through email, so that'll help. And then I have a craft fair in a couple weeks and I've already paid for the space, so hopefully I'll sell some things there and it'll help with the ad as well as paying for the space. I'm getting some stuff ready for it, such as display ideas and some kid stuff, but trying to spend as little money as possible on it. Still need a tablecloth. I want an actual cloth one instead of vinyl or plastic, but I'm considering vinyl in case it turns out to be the only option.

I'm inside at space #2. Hopefully that will help me do much better than last year. Along with all the other stuff I'm doing better this year.

I have two fliers for the craft fair. Wondering where to hang them...

I met a cop today whose wife sells jewelry on Etsy. Didn't get her username though. Rats.

I have a new watch on Etsy:

Chained Tiger's Eye Watch

ok I think I'll work on some jewelry and/or craft fair stuff now. I'm a little bit excited about this one. :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Way to Buy Jewelry is Online

"Summary: If you want to get high quality jewelry for affordable prices, you have two ways to do that, 1st hassling and delaying of visiting brick-and-mortar stores, add to that the time you will waste and finally you may not find what you are looking for; but the 2nd and easy way is to switch to online stores-- it’s simple, saves time and the most important thing is that it's effective; think about having all the world's designs and jewelry products there on your screen."

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Update already

Sold two more things:

Went to AnimeFest this past weekend, not as a vendor but took business cards with me and gave one away. Also I looked at the chainmaille booths, noticed the display stuff, and asked about materials and prices.

Been working on upgrading the camera and taking new photos, and re-figuring secondary shipping prices. Hopefully soon I can figure out international shipping too.

Face to Face went awesomely last month and should be awesome again this month.

hmmm I think I shouldn't use the "cool" color setting in the camera so much.

I made a big lightbox for the larger and taller things, like necklaces.

And I have a craft fair next month (the one I was debating with myself about awhile ago)- I got an indoor space this time.

Craft Fair info:

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009, 9AM-4:30PM
St. Timothy C.P. Church
3001 Forest Ridge Dr.
Bedford, TX 76095

I'm working on a custom order for a friend of a friend, so far we're still in the figuring-out-what-we-want stage. Seriously planning on soon starting to use bright aluminum, hopefully followed closely by sterling silver and/or stainless steel. Also I've been planning a certain watch for a long time now and don't have time to actually work on it because of all the custom order stuff and the Etsy editing stuff. But maybe if I can get myself off the computer right now I can start on it tonight. All this computer stuff is kind of addicting.

ok here I go.

Good night!