Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Banner and things

I finally made a banner for my Etsy store. It took all afternoon; it was a little bit difficult to get the right amount of the effects I put on the text, and then it was really difficult to add the pictures to the ends. Mostly because Photobucket randomly decided not to let me save the resized pics to my computer. But I finally got it and I like the results.

I also added two new items to the store:

Chainmaille Chandelier Earrings

Spiral Chainmaille Watch

I really like those earrings.

I made a silver and purple Persian watch which I really liked a lot, and I sold it at the Praise Festival two weeks ago so I need to make another one to put on Etsy. Also my friend wants one so I need to make at least two more. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. But after I make another one of course I'll take pictures.

thinking of buying rainbow anodized niobium rings from C&T Designs on Etsy pretty soon. I like rainbow-colored things and I want to try new materials. Also want to try stainless steel and sterling silver.

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