Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chained Amethyst Handflower

Chained Amethyst Handflower

Purple and silver are my favorite colors so I used silver chains and round amethyst beads with silver wire clover beads in this handflower. So pretty!

The four amethyst beads attached to the clover bead in the center are a little darker than the five around the outside.

The wrist chain is adjustable to 8 inches with a lobster clasp; the handflower stretches over your hand to four inches from your wrist to your knuckle, and will lay over the back of your hand 3.5 inches wide. The ring for the middle finger is 4 inches around.

To wear this handflower, put your middle finger through the chain ring, lay the handflower over the back of your hand, and latch the clasp onto the wrist chain around your wrist at whatever spot fits you best.

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