Monday, May 17, 2010

Purposeless Productiveness

Well, it's been an interesting week. Actually it was kind of a blur, and productive but with no ultimate purpose.

All week I was getting things ready for WataugaFest: making price tags, figuring even prices with sales tax included, buying a few supplies... also I made a new bracelet and a necklace. Thursday it was hot; Friday it started getting rainy and the weather things on Yahoo and iGoogle and AccuWeather all said it was going to rain all weekend. So I emailed the WataugaFest people and they told me WataugaFest was canceled. Sadface.

and of course, being the predictably unpredictable weather state that Texas is, it was mostly sunny all weekend without so much as a drop of rain. I'm still trying to find out if they'll reschedule the Fest or just leave it canceled. In the future I need to remember to only do indoor craft fairs.

So I was a little bummed on Saturday. Except for going out with my boyfriend and seeing the movie Date Night, which was really funny. That was a good date. Incidentally we also saw Iron Man 2 with a couple friends yesterday, and that was pretty good.

A couple good things about not having a craft fair is that I didn't have to get up at 5:30AM, and now I get to list my new items on Etsy. Of course things probably would've sold a lot better at the Fest than on Etsy, but still I'd like to freshen up my shop a little with my lovely new items. Right now though I'm trying to redo some photos from a few items already listed, but today Photobucket won't let me finish uploading them. As soon as it's finished I get "connection was reset", and retry and refresh don't help. sigh. maybe tomorrow.

And of course I can still use the things I did last week for the next craft fair I have, which is how I was productive last week. I just kind of feel right now like I wasted my week. Hence the decision to stick to indoor craft fairs, like I told myself I would the last time something got canceled.

And now I'll freshen up this post with some flowers.

here are my sunflowers. It's about time to transplant them outside, just need to find a spot.
here are the strawberries we're attempting to grow in a TopsyTurvy Planter. It's not really working so far. We only get tiny green strawberries which turn into tiny red strawberries that don't seem to be getting bigger.

Here are the lovely flowers that my dad got my mom for Mother's Day.

There was also a woodpecker on our pecan tree but I wasn't able to get a picture of it. And yesterday I saw a blue jay.

Anyway, I hope I can show my new items soon. I like them.

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