Friday, September 25, 2009

Craft Fair and advertizing

So I'm getting an ad in a tabletop in a restaurant...

it's expensive for right now. I mean it's not a lot of money for a 3-year ad in a good restaurant, but it's a lot to have to pay off in only 5 months. Still a good deal though, and a good payment plan. And my boyfriend will help. :-)

I also have a repeat customer on Etsy and a custom-order customer through email, so that'll help. And then I have a craft fair in a couple weeks and I've already paid for the space, so hopefully I'll sell some things there and it'll help with the ad as well as paying for the space. I'm getting some stuff ready for it, such as display ideas and some kid stuff, but trying to spend as little money as possible on it. Still need a tablecloth. I want an actual cloth one instead of vinyl or plastic, but I'm considering vinyl in case it turns out to be the only option.

I'm inside at space #2. Hopefully that will help me do much better than last year. Along with all the other stuff I'm doing better this year.

I have two fliers for the craft fair. Wondering where to hang them...

I met a cop today whose wife sells jewelry on Etsy. Didn't get her username though. Rats.

I have a new watch on Etsy:

Chained Tiger's Eye Watch

ok I think I'll work on some jewelry and/or craft fair stuff now. I'm a little bit excited about this one. :-)

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