Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Update already

Sold two more things:

Went to AnimeFest this past weekend, not as a vendor but took business cards with me and gave one away. Also I looked at the chainmaille booths, noticed the display stuff, and asked about materials and prices.

Been working on upgrading the camera and taking new photos, and re-figuring secondary shipping prices. Hopefully soon I can figure out international shipping too.

Face to Face went awesomely last month and should be awesome again this month.

hmmm I think I shouldn't use the "cool" color setting in the camera so much.

I made a big lightbox for the larger and taller things, like necklaces.

And I have a craft fair next month (the one I was debating with myself about awhile ago)- I got an indoor space this time.

Craft Fair info:

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009, 9AM-4:30PM
St. Timothy C.P. Church
3001 Forest Ridge Dr.
Bedford, TX 76095

I'm working on a custom order for a friend of a friend, so far we're still in the figuring-out-what-we-want stage. Seriously planning on soon starting to use bright aluminum, hopefully followed closely by sterling silver and/or stainless steel. Also I've been planning a certain watch for a long time now and don't have time to actually work on it because of all the custom order stuff and the Etsy editing stuff. But maybe if I can get myself off the computer right now I can start on it tonight. All this computer stuff is kind of addicting.

ok here I go.

Good night!

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