Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost a Handflower


I was searching "handflower" on Yahoo and found this:
Handflower t-shirt

I am amused. I like The Almost anyway, and I like that they made a "handflower" that's not a handflower and then the parallel with the band's name. This is fun.

This makes me want to make a chainmaille handflower with a flower design in it, without of course violating any copyrights or anything. It obviously wouldn't look like the t-shirt. I wonder if they'd like me to make some merchandise for them.

I actually did make a handflower of 4-in-1 flowers once. My aunt bought it. And there's other "flower" weaves of chainmaille too. Like this one:

Yeah, fun ideas brewing here.

The band's Myspace page:

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