Thursday, January 7, 2010


I finally took photos of all the rest of my byzantine chainmaille earrings and now I'm getting them listed. Just listed the pink and purple anodized aluminum post and clip earrings.

Pink Byzantine Heart post earrings

Still have some more hook earrings to list once I get the photos cropped. I was a bit concerned when I was taking the photos because the purple aluminum earrings looked blue in the camera, but they look right on the computer.

Also I made four new pairs of earrings yesterday. They're different from the ones I've made before, although three of them are still byzantine.

In other news, I had a headache all night after eating spaghetti so I'm wondering if I'm allergic to something; watched The Day the Earth Stood Still for the second time but only saw the beginning for the first time; and the weather is really cold. It's below 30 right now. Fortunately I have nowhere to go, at least until tomorrow night. I think.

Also I'm considering getting my ears pierced because I got a pair of earrings from by boyfriend for Christmas. Problem is, I had them pierced once before and let them close up, and I want to make sure piercing them again won't cause a metal allergy. I really need not to have a metal allergy. The earrings are white gold but then I have lots of other metals on my hands and wrists all the time.

Hmm, I would really like to make some more handflowers soon.

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