Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

I've only been to a few craft fairs so far, but one question I almost always get asked is "do you have anything for guys?" At first I didn't; or at least, apparently I didn't, or they probably wouldn't have asked. My problem is, the guys I know don't wear jewelry, even if I give them some, so I don't know what guys like; so I wasn't sure if I had anything or not. But I have seen a few things worn by guys, so I've tried making a few things I think some guys might like.

So this week for Saturday Blog Shoppers I'm featuring one of my guy's necklaces.

Guy's Chainmaille Pendant Necklace

The weave is mostly random: basically I just took some black and silver 16 gauge rings, sat down to watch Ironman, and worked until this came out. Then I put it on this thick necklace cord that a friend gave me.

So, there you go guys (or girls who are shopping for guys)! Hope you like it. If not, I have a few other things in the "For Guys" section as well.

Don't forget to check out the other blogs in the Saturday Shoppers group. Happy Saturday!


  1. That is great. Guys should love it. Very nice. Happy Saturday Blog shopping. I'm a member of Etsy Texas Crafters, too.

  2. Lovely Necklace! Happy Saturday Blog Shopping!

    Hoping for lots of sales today.

    Let me know if you want your shop to be featured for next week!!!