Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

Spring has Sprung (yay!)

Hey, it's the weekend again! Time for Saturday Blog Shoppers. Visit everyone's blogs and post comments, please! Thanks for supporting.

Well it's Spring, finally. I think I said that a week or two ago, and then it snowed again. I think it's really here this time and I'm happy about it. Spring brings the break from cold weather (hopefully), my birthday, my boyfriend's birthday, and our dating anniversary. So for a little "Spring theme", I'm going to feature some of my green and yellow and blue earrings this week.

Green Byzantine Earrings

Yellow Byzantine Earrings

Green and Yellow Byzantine Earrings

Green and Blue Byzantine Earrings

All of these earrings are $12 each pair.

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  1. These are so pretty! Going to check out your shop!

  2. Love these earrings.... this is my ETSY weakness... I've never owned so many fun and stylish earrings before...LOL I will be sure to stop in your shop and see if I can add to my collection:)


  3. Love the earrings. Makes me think of Spring. Good luck on sales today.

  4. Happy Saturday Blog Shopper to you! Hope you have lots of sales today! C-ya next Saturday! Great shop!

  5. I forgot! I also am following you on twitter now!

  6. Lovely earrings, I like the blue & green my favorite colors. Happy Sales!

  7. Chigger Hill Cottage: thanks! I followed you back and also fanned your Facebook page