Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers

Hello! Happy Saturday. Time for SBS.

I have a new item in my shop.
Pewter Sword Necklace

A pewter sword charm hangs between metal barrel beads and Mood beads on a black suede lace cord in a slip-knot style necklace/choker.

The Sword is a symbol of authority and chivalry, or courage, or defense and protection; or in Christianity represents Truth or the Sword of the Spirit as part of the Armor of God.

Mood Beads change color according to temperature, and traditionally correspond to moods as follows:

Black = strained, anxious, uneasy, stressed
Green = neutral, calm
Blue = tranquil, serene
Blue-Green = pleased, energetic, loving

The goniochromism stone does not actually change color, but appears to change according to the angle of your view.

I think this necklace is pretty much unisex, but I'm never sure about what guys will or won't wear. Do guys like mood jewelry? Well anyway, this necklace is in my Necklaces section, so if guys do like it I hope they find it. I hope to have a couple more necklaces before too long also, of a different kind.

I hope you all like this sword necklace as much as I do! Please visit my shop and the rest of SBS. See you later!


  1. This is really a cute necklace! Hope you have a great Saturday!

  2. This necklace brings to mind the armour of God. I love it.


  3. I really like the sword/cross necklace. Your store is great.

  4. sweet! nice item! sorry I am late makin the rounds...better late than never tho, right? Had to make my sale end tonight because of my tardyness. :)