Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guy Stuff

I'm finally starting to make some "guy stuff", since there've been a few guys at craft fairs and such asking for some, and I've recently made two guys' necklaces and listed them on Etsy.

Guy's Chainmaille Pendant Necklace

I made this one while watching Ironman. I don't quite know what to call the weave since I totally made it up, although it has some byzantine-like bits. It's listed here in my Etsy shop under "For Guys".

Knott Maille Guy's Necklace

This one I made less recently although I just listed it along with the other one. It's a "furby flower" with some extra rings added for tightness and decoration.

I also have some plain double-spiral chains which guys should like, but I still have to take pictures of them so I can list them. And I'm working on a guy's handflower which I hope will turn out well. I'm using 16 gauge rings (same as in these necklaces) and black leather lace.

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