Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My "Office"

Just for fun here's a tour.

Allow me to introduce:

My work space:

my friend's house
I'm making cell phone charms here

my desk
I got a desk with drawers and a little chest of drawers to reduce clutter. ;-) (the drawers are full)
I made that lamp out of a soda can at 4-H TU Electric Retreat. don't even remember how long ago that was.
the flowers are from my boyfriend John. <3
the picture hanging off the back of the chair is my nametag from Anime Fest. I also have one from Akon there but you can't see it in the picture. it's on that blue ribbon.
the frame in the top left corner is my high school diploma from Oakwood Academy.

the spot on the floor where I sit to use the computer. I decided to use this spot to start working on something because my desk is too messy.
that book under the pliers is Nobody Rides the Unicorn by Adrian Mitchell. Lovely wonderful book. also good as a mouse pad surface. ;-)

and here's my personal jewelry which I wear every day, as I'm wearing it:

my right hand

my left hand

This concludes the tour of ShadowCutter Jewelry headquarters. Please watch your step as you exit and return soon. ;-)


  1. yea i have a messy work space too..i clean it up from time to time but it never fails to get it all messed up again!


  2. I should take pics of my office area!!! Love seeing yours!