Monday, July 19, 2010

ShadowCutter Jewelry

ShadowCutter Jewelry is an Etsy shop of handflowers and chainmaille jewelry.

Chainmaille (or chainmail) is a medieval style type of jewelry made from lots of metal links woven together in a pattern. Here are some examples in my shop:

European 8-in-1 chainmaille:

Blue Chainmaille Bracelet

Byzantine Chainmaille:

Silver and Blue Byzantine Bracelet

Handflowers are medieval back-of-the-hand bracelets which are a combination of a bracelet and a ring. They are also called slave bracelets or hath panjas. I make two types:

Chainmaille (European 6-in-1 weave):

Black and Red Chainmaille Handflower

For these I make a triangle of European chainmaille and attach a wristband made of a Persian chainmaille weave called One Hour Less Sleep. Then I add a finger ring of chain.

Chained Beads:

Chained Amethyst Handflower

These are a bit more difficult as I arrange the chains in the pattern that will fit evenly over the hand, and then arrange the beads in a symmetrical pattern and attach the bead pins to the chain. I also usually make the wrists adjustable with chains and lobster clasps, although I prefer toggle clasps.

I wear one of each type of handflower which I made for myself every day. The comments I get about them are what led me to start making and selling more of them. I try to make a different pattern and color combination every time, and keep them unique by not duplicating anything except the smallest and simplest designs such as earrings.

I also have earrings and a few finger rings and watches in my shop, and I'm starting to add some necklaces. I even have a few things designed for guys, which is especially difficult to come up with since the guys I know don't wear jewelry. I like to take requests sometimes, when I'm able to; especially for things I didn't know about before, such as whatever a guy would like, so I can learn what else I can do.

Thanks for looking at my shop! Hope you enjoy my chainmaille!

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