Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I need your help

I've had a cold the past few days and have been holding off on working on jewelry to avoid spreading germs through my chainmaille (not sure that would actually be a problem, but just in case). It's a bit of a bummer since I've been looking forward to making silver and gold chainmaille handflowers. Well before I caught a cold I made this necklace:

(pictured with my lovely messy desk)

I feel like it isn't quite finished; I think it needs something in the center of that triangle in the chains. I'm thinking maybe something star-shaped, but not a pentagram/five-point star or a Star of David (unless someone wants to request that). Perhaps a four-p0int star, or a four-point star with another four-point star behind it at a 45-degree angle making an 8-point star. Definitely smaller than the prism drop. I just don't have anything in my supplies that will work so I'm in the market for something. I'm looking for suggestions of what to use and either where to find it (if it's a charm) or how to make it (if it's a chainmaille design). Also I'm planning on making another necklace like this one, so if there's two of these items or two similar variants that will be extra helpful. What do you think?

maybe a fleur-de-lis
or this charm

would you please vote on those ideas or give me a new one?

and hey, if I like and use your idea and you have an Etsy shop I'll feature your shop in my blog. :-) or if several people vote on an idea I'll pick someone to feature.

on another note, I just got into this BNR Treasury: please check it out.

Ok thanks!


  1. I love the necklace but can't pick up the links to hobbylobby!

  2. Maybe use a gold crown charm. This necklace reminds me of royalty and crown jewels.

  3. oops lemme fix those links
    a crown might be nice; do you think gold would work with the silver chains or would a silver crown be better?

  4. No, definitely use silver if it's silver chain. The picture wasn't coming through very well on my computer, so my apologies.

  5. I'd leave it the way it is!! Adding something else may distract from the beauty of the necklace! If you feel you must add something, make it very, very small! Something in the same bronze finish as the keys. =)

  6. hmmm... well I think the fluer-de-lis are small enough, and there's two of them.