Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally working again

I'm pretty much over my cold and I'm making some chainmaille again. It's nice to be back.

I'm making a silver chainmaille handflower with colored copper wire rings. It's about halfway finished now.

that's not the best lighting but silver chainmaille is just SO pretty. Making it makes me happy. Actually just looking at it makes me happy. :-)

After I finish this one I'll make a brass one which looks gold. By the time I'm finished hopefully I can start listing things. I have two fairly new and really pretty blue bracelets I still need to list, but lately I've had to renew some expired things so I haven't gotten to the new things yet. I'm trying to keep my Etsy fees spread out over time, but I wonder if I should list new things before renewing older things.

About the necklace, I was thinking about making a Celtic Visions star, but I'm not sure I can make one small enough. Still seriously considering using the fluer-de-lis. Also I still need to feature some shops on here. I'll get to that soon, I promise. ;-)

And in other news, tomorrow I'm going around with my boyfriend to look at a couple houses, since he's going to buy one soon after moving out of his apartment. That should be fun. And I'm looking for a job lately. That's not so much fun. Most job listings I find are either assistant manager positions which I don't have experience for, or very very extroverted jobs. Like "good with people, outgoing, enthusiastic!". I'm fairly social and I like helping people when I can, but I'm an introvert, which is not those "outgoing" things. Although I have a book of introvert jobs, apparently the only ones actually around are Etsy selling. I wouldn't mind assembling bikes at ToysRUs, but that would probably be a nightmare come Christmas shopping time. Thinking about it though. Oh well, I'm still looking and applying at places. A craft store like Joann's would be lovely, but even though Snagajob says they're hiring, someone I know who works there says they aren't. Well basically I'll just keep looking and applying and making jewelry. I'll have a craft fair in October and it's a good idea to build up some more inventory.

On Sunday some people came over and we all watched Taking Chance. We got it from Netflix after Dennis Prager recommended it on the radio. It's a really lovely movie. We all cried through the whole thing and I totally recommend watching it. Seriously, go watch it. It's an HBO movie.


  1. I totally admire your ability to do chainmaille! You are fabulous at it. I so want to buy your pink cure bizantine bracelet. Being a survivor, it is important to me. I will SOON!